Why is google SHIT without feedback

Because it does what it thinks it is best without asking. This was my mistake in the first place for choosing an online reader.

Why? Because Google arranged and rearranged my posts as it saw fit at any time, so some days I could not find the same Igoogle site I had yesterday.

Now I find out that Google, the 2.0 standard, does not have a visible and fast reachable FEEDBACK PAGE.

How can I tell them that my Igoogle page looks like this? When I can’t even talk to them.

It is just wrong.

3 răspunsuri to “Why is google SHIT without feedback”

  1. Melk Says:

    Cul. Păi cred că nu ar face față dacă ar primi milioane de fidbeci zilnic de la utilizatori. Parcă au Help Forum.

  2. dvictor Says:

    au un cacat… daca nu reusesc sa ajung la el… si am cautat. In mod normal trebuia sa fie ceva usor nu?

  3. al2lea Says:

    Ceva usor… o pana

    You are on ther right way. Perheps they will read your post.

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